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Assign an email thread to someone

To assign an email to someone, you must first add it to a project and make sure that the person has joined that project. You can not assign emails which is not a part of any project.

How to assign someone to an email

Step1 – Add it to a shared project.

Step 2 – Click assign.

Click assign in the sidebar to the right.

Step 3 – Select a person to assign.

Select person

What happens if I’m assigned an email?

Once someone assigns you to an email, you’ll see a notification at the Mailflow icon. You will also be notified every time someone makes a change in the sidebar next to the email thread.

Emails you have been assigned always appear in your inbox when they get a reply. Even if you are not a recipient.

Tasks from the email thread will be surfaced in your inbox sidebar and in your personal task list for easy access.