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Delete account

When you delete your Mailflow account, it gets flagged for deletion with a thirty-day redemption period. To cancel the deletion, all you have to do is sign back in within the thirty-day redemption period.

Here is what happens when your account is deleted:

  • All your Mailflow info like projects, tasks, or notes will be deleted within 30 days.
  • You will immediately lose access to emails that have been shared with you by others, but they will keep their copy.
  • Projects that you have shared with others will not be deleted.
  • We will NOT delete any emails that you have added to Mailflow.
  • If you had a paid account, we have to keep records of financial transactions between you and Mailflow. We are obliged by law to keep a record of financial transactions for accounting and tax purposes.

How to delete your Mailflow account:

Step 1 – Click on Mailflow in the left-hand menu

Click on Mailflow in the left-hand menu

Step 2 – Open Account settings.

Open Account settings.

Step 4 – Scroll to the bottom. Click Delete my account, and follow the instructions.

Click Delete my account