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Mailflow not working?

Our focus is to make Mailflow fast and stable, but there might be a hiccup on rare occasions. This article will show you how to fix the most common problems.

Here are the common problems:

Mailflow is not working with the new Gmail layout.

Did you just install Mailflow but can’t see any of the projects or the buttons?

Or did you upgrade to the newest Gmail layout, and suddenly Mailflow stopped working?

Here is how to get Mailflow working again.

I’m frequently logged out of Mailflow.

This might happen if your wifi signal is weak or unstable. Reloading your Gmail tab usually solves the problem.

Add to Mailflow” is not working.

Mailflow requires conversation view to be enabled to function correctly. See Recommended Gmail settings for Mailflow.

Projects or buttons disappear.

Sometimes the team behind Gmail changes its code. This may cause Mailflow to be temporarily unstable, but your data will always be safe.

If you notice buttons disappearing, you may want to reload your Gmail tab to see if that helps.

I get an error message saying something is wrong.

If you frequently get this error, you may need to restart Mailflow. Here's how.