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Share projects

Sharing a project with someone is the best way to stay organized around your emails when you are collaborating with someone else.

All sharing in Mailflow is done through projects. You can not share individual emails or tasks without first adding them to a project.

Everybody who participates in a project has full access to everything inside that project. They can reply to emails, and add their own email threads.

How to share a project

Invite people to your project by opening the project and clicking share in the top right corner.

Click the blue share button

Enter the email of the person whom you want to share it with, and click invite.

How it works for the invitee

An email invite is sent from your email that contains a link to installing Mailflow and joining your project.

The other person needs to use Gmail, and install Mailflow. Remember to check this before you share it with someone outside of your team.

How do I remove someone from a project?

Open the sharing panel and click remove. When you remove someone, they will immediately lose access to all emails that have been shared with them. They will still keep access to any email threads that they originally added to the project.