What does BCC mean in an email? How to use it correctly

November 28, 2022

If you received an email where you are on BCC, it means that the sender wanted you to get a private copy of the email without the other recipients knowing it.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and works almost like CC. The main difference is that it can be used when you want someone to receive a copy of an email without appearing on the recipients’ list of the receiver like they would if you had CC’d them onto the email.

When to use BCC

Typical use cases might be that you want to send an email to multiple people simultaneously or send a copy to your CRM system without showing it to any of the recipients.

You should not use BCC if you want the recipients to know who’s on the list and keep them as CC when they reply. Then you should use CC instead.

How to add someone as BCC in Gmail

Composing a new email and click the recipients field.

Click on the recipients field

When you have clicked the recipients field, you’ll see a BCC button to the right.

Click on Bcc to the right

Step 3:
Click Bcc, and enter the emails of the people that you want to have a blind copy there. Click send when you are done.

Click Bcc, and add emails.

And done!
The people you have bcc’ed will get a copy, but the recipients can’t see that you have sent the email as a blind copy to someone else.