New features in Mailflow! Deadlines & Due dates

April 6, 2020

Hello everybody!

Today is the day where we can finally show you some new features instead of just announcing bug-fixes!

Since launching Mailflow for a little over a month ago, we have had more than three thousand professionals signing up! The feedback has been overwhelming, and we have spent the majority of our time fixing bugs and improving stability.

Two of the most wanted features have been deadlines and due-dates, and we just launched them today! Try to refresh your Gmail if you haven’t seen them yet.

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It still feels like we’re only halfway there, but we decided to launch them now and spend the next weeks at improving them. We already find them pretty helpful. If you continue scrolling down, you can see all of our changes in detail. 👇

Project schedule

Have you missed a way to keep track of project deadlines and deliverables? Our new project schedule helps you with just that. It can be accessed by entering any project and will help you keep stay on top of what needs to be done and when. You can see all your deadlines and to-dos listed by date so that it’s easier to see what needs to be done and at within what time.

Project schedule view


Did your client just move the deadline for your project? With the new deadline tool, it’s easy to keep track of important dates by highlighting them in your emails. All the deadlines you create are accessible from the project schedule page.

Add project deadline

Due-dates on tasks

Having trouble remembering when your tasks should be done? No problem! From now on, whenever you create a to-do, you can now click the calendar icon to add a due date to the task. You’ll be able to see all to-dos with due dates in chronological order by going to the Schedule page.

Due dates on tasks

Updated logo

Some of you may have noticed that we have done some smaller tweaks to our logo over the last month. As a newly born startup, we’re working to find an identity that feels right, and that’s easy to remember in crowded space. If you pay close attention, you may also notice other small changes in the weeks to come.

Improved sidebar loading

Some of you have been troubled with the sidebar often getting stuck in a loading state. The problem mostly appeared if you were on a slow internet connection, or tried to do too many things too quickly. That issue should now be resolved.

Other planned improvements

A visual project timeline

When planning ahead, it's handy to see all your events and the days between to get the full picture. The schedule page that we released today is missing this, but we want you to know that we're working on it and that it’s coming pretty soon!

Making the sidebar even more relevant

The sidebar can quickly become messy if you have a lot of notes and to-dos in it today. We’re working on improving the sidebar so that you will only see the actually important things.

Hiding completed tasks

We get it. Seeing all your tasks, even when they are completed, can make it a bit cumbersome to quickly see what's next. To solve this, we’re adding a default option that hides completed to-dos until you choose to show them again.

That’s all for now!

Best regards,
The Mailflow Team